Contact: cesigues@gmail.com


My name is César Rodrigues and I'm a graphic designer.

As a designer, I usually work on the field of culture and science communication. I also have other interests such as music, art and illustration.

As a musician I release my work under the name STURQEN, a two-mate rythmic noise electronic band. We operate together since 2009.

In my free time, I try to keep up a satirical magazine called A TEIA. This is a personal project where I play and make fun of things around me. The magazine is online for free.

For work inquiries - or just to say hi! - please feel free to contact me at cesigues@gmail.com




So far, I have collaborated with the following companies:





Best Masters Student in Communication Sciences Award, 2017 (+ info)

(As Sturqen) Honorable Mention for Fabricação sound piece, Viseu Rural 2.0 - Sonic Explorations of a Rural Archive, 2016 (+ info)

(As Sturqen) "Best Artist" Award, Qwartz Electronic Music Awards, Paris, 2011 (+ info)

(As Sturqen) "Discovery" Award, Qwartz Electronic Music Awards, Paris, 2011 (+ info)

Selected to represent Portugal on DVD-Project, 2008 (+ info)



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